Life Insurance Training & Proven Strategies that will Grow Your Agency

Scott and Steve know how to help you grow your agency, whether you’re a new or experienced agent, or a team member. Our conferences and 1-ON-1 coaching sessions are designed to help you develop the skills necessary to sell more policies and make more money—and we’ll give you the tools you need to take on any situation.

Our mission is to provide expert, insightful, and professional training for individuals or companies selling life insurance. Through our combined 70 years of experience, decades of knowledge of the life insurance industry, and our passion for coaching and ethics, we offer something other consulting and training services can’t. The skills and expertise needed to achieve greater things in the business of life.

Upcoming Opportunities

T3 Virtual Group

June 4, 2024

August 13-14, 2024

Marietta, GA

Nov. 12-13, 2024

Marietta, GA

What Agents are Saying about Our Conferences

They Helped Me

“Helped me look at familar concepts through new eyes and improve wording for my team.”

Very Informative

“Yes, very informative and the illustrations were very helpful.”

I Enjoy the Stories

“Yes. I enjoy the stories of sales. Hearing examples and word tracks are very helpful. I also enjoyed getting to be around other who are wanting to learn and grow.”

Exceeded My Expectations

“This has exceeded my expectations so far. I’m a big believer in mentors and coaches. Who better than Steve & Scott to meet and learn from? This has been extremely informative. Highly recommend.”

Passion, Experience & Knowledge

“A combination of passion, experience, and knowledge that can’t help but enhance your ability to help your clients.”

Loved It All

“I loved all the information. We all need to be ready with information needed to help our customers make an informed decision.”

More than Expected

“This conference was more than expected! Scott & Steve are a total wealth of knowledge. They walk the walk and are true believers of what they do. Their passion is unmatched in trying to help State Farm Agents.”

Thanks for the Immersive Blessing

“The “Love on People” and “Make a Difference” attitude/mentality/lifestyle, along with the backbone of honoring Christ within it all, is extremely admirable and influential. We can not only protect people through life insurance, but offer them/show them life eternally.”

A Real Validation

“It really validated what I’ve come to conclude. We’ve just started hitting some bigger premiums. I love the process and the passion that Steve & Scott brings.”

Wonderful Mentors

“This conference was both informative and motovational.”

A Deep Dive

“I’ve learned more than I even imagined. Also having access to the slides is a huge benefit. This conference provides a deep dive into the difference types of life insurance State Farm offers and provides so many different tips on how to sell it and overcome objections.”

A Seasoned Veteran

“For someone who is just starting to sell life insurance, it’s very helpful. For some of us who already sell life insurance, the “review” was super!”

Very Detailed Information

“As of day one, the conference is very educational. Learning hands-on in person is the best way for me to continue to learn & grow. Highly recommended! Looking forward to day two.”

A Greater Understanding

“This conference has helped me to undertand products and increment our sales. I am more motivated now to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you!”

A New Agent

“As a very new agent team member, I found this to be VERY insightful and helpful. I really appreciated the genuine desire Steve & Scott had throughout the whole program to help address any questions/concerns we all had, along with the mass amount of insight they provided about life insurance.”

Great Knowledge of Cash Value

“Lots of great knowledge of cash value life insurance. The real life benefits of having permanent versus term life insurance. Other life insurance seiminars just go over how to package life with permanent. Steve & Scott showed us how to sell based on needs and find the needs.”

Taking it Back to My Team

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training and feel like I can take a lot back to my team. This conference was amazing! I thouroughly enjoyed getting to hear the wisdom from Foster & Cannon. There are a lot of sales tactics that I will be taking back with me to use in my office.”

A Wealth of Information

“The Foster Cannon Group will give you a lot of info to consider. Truly a weath of knowledge.”