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Our mission is to provide expert, insightful, and professional training for individuals or companies selling life insurance. Through our combined 70 years of experience, decades of knowledge of the life insurance industry, and our passion for coaching and ethics, we offer something other consulting and training services can't. The skills and expertise needed to achieve greater things in the business of life.











Scott Foster and Steve Cannon have a combined 70 years of experience in the life insurance industry, from selling to training and consulting for firms and companies around the globe. They're recognized through hundreds of recognitions, over 200 distinct qualifications, and through their incredible reputation in the life insurance industry and beyond.




Top 10 State Farm Life Agent every year of his 40 plus year career || 24 years as the #1 life agent and 21 years as the #1 multiline agent.

A native of Georgia, Scott graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in Risk Management & Insurance.  Along with his CLU designation, Scott is a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table.




A Top 50 State Farm Agent for 25 of the past 30 years, 2-time President’s Club trophy Qualifier, Lifetime President’s Club Qualifier (qualifying 35+ times), Lifetime MDRT Qualifier, 16-time Chairman’s Circle Qualifier, and a Crystal Excellence Qualifier.

Steve’s passion for providing Good Neighbor Service and ensuring his customers are adequately protected is evidenced by his many accomplishments as a State Farm Agent.



Foster Cannon Group offers high-end, tailored virtual consultation and training services to provide a higher standard of learning from the comfort of your office or your own home. With our skill and your dedication, virtual training is the ideal way to hone your skills. 


Understanding what you can learn from your work is the first step towards achieving greater things. We talk you through the lessons we've learned from experience, past mistakes, and successes to take yourself to the next level.


A foundational understanding of the ethics surrounding life insurance sales is a must. We provide that insight, offering clear and actionable guidance on the ethics you should be following to succeed in your role.


Management is a skill all of its own. That's why we provide dedicated training for managing teams effectively and functionally, starting with the basics to provide a complete guide to better management in the life insurance sector.


The building blocks of better sales. Our expertise and guidance provide the base layer needed for success in life insurance sales, using well-practiced techniques and skills to get your foot in the door.


Closing that sale is a vital part of closing the insurance loop. Through our decades of experience, we've learned how to effectively and professionally close sales—no gimmicks or quick tricks, just functional changes that make all the difference.



Don't just take our word for it - here's what our clients are saying about our program:

Two highly qualified life insurance professionals. A lifetime of experience. This class will change your LIFE for the better.

Karen Channell
State Farm

I know both of these men, and believe them to be the best in the business. Anyone looking to improve their results should participate in their training. You won’t be disappointed.

Randy Thompson
Thompson Insurance Agency

Scott Foster and Steve Cannon wholeheartedly believe in the power of life insurance, and permanent life insurance, in particular, to protect and enrich the lives of State Farm customers. They are convinced, so they are convincing. They speak with extraordinary passion about the challenges facing families without effective life insurance plans and have inspired our Agents in Los Angeles to rise up and help our customers find solutions to those challenges. The Foster-Cannon Group’s “Business of Life” presentation was the perfect kickoff to our Fall Life campaign.

Kevin McKinney
State Farm Sales Leader

To attain outstanding results for agents and staff, trust these proven and qualifying MDRT agents, Scott Foster and Steve Cannon, to teach you the basics of proven premium building and knowledge of needs based selling in personal and business sales. I recommend their expertise and knowledge to change your selling philosophy and help you reach your individual selling goals and most of all enjoy selling life insurance.

Phil Nichols

Personally & professionally, I know Scott & Steve very well! Over the years we’ve spent time together at the annual MDRT meetings, company events & study groups. What amazed me was their relentless pursuit to continue improving their craft while at the top of their game. Rest assured, when you attend one of their seminars, you will be learning from some of the best in the industry

Rick Sanchez
MDRT Lifetime Member Agent (Miami, FL)

I have worked with Steve and Scott for quite some time now. Getting advice from Agents like Steve and Scott has been so valuable, not just because the advice is on point but also because its from someone that has experienced what I am going through and gotten through it. They have taken my vision for Agency to another level. Since the first time I spoke to them towards the end of last year, to now I have qualified for 3 Lines Presidents Club / MDRT and Exotic. I am currently on time to repeat this. If you are looking for great mentorship and friendship Scott and Steve cannot be beat!

Chandler Hahn



Our latest resources are the place to start when it comes to learning the business of life. Through our guidance and expertise, achieving those professional standards is no longer out of your reach.

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