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The Power Of Recommendations

The Power Of Recommendations

From online advertising to social media campaigns, it may seem like the world of life insurance has moved beyond the more traditional methods of customer conversion. But when it comes to recommendations, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While newspaper ads and...

5 Warning Signs A Sales Team Is In Need Of Sales Training

5 Warning Signs A Sales Team Is In Need Of Sales Training

Struggling to make sales stick, or find your team falling at the final hurdle? There are many reasons why your team may not be performing the way you need them to. The solution? Effective sales training to improve their sales skills and enhance their conversion rates....

Why It’s Important To Embrace The Daily Huddles With Your Team

Why It’s Important To Embrace The Daily Huddles With Your Team

Meetings generally have a bad reputation in almost every organization. Employees hate them because they seem pretty pointless, while managers loathe them because of all the preparation that goes into holding one. However, one meeting that stands out from the rest is...

A Guide To Mastering The Hiring Process

If your life insurance agency is planning on expansion, or you’re simply replacing a team member leaving for another job or retirement, mastering the hiring process with hiring skills is a must. While hiring is often overlooked as a part of management within insurance...

The Importance Of Integrity In Business

No matter what industry you're in, integrity in business is extremely important. However, as an insurance agent, it is a quality you must have to ensure a successful career. A successful business career, organization or company is built on trust and relationships —...

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