Struggling to make sales stick, or find your team falling at the final hurdle? There are many reasons why your team may not be performing the way you need them to. The solution? Effective sales training to improve their sales skills and enhance their conversion rates. Here are five warning signs that your team may require additional, professional sales training:

1. They’re Unable To Get Over The Final Hurdle To Make A Sale

For many life insurance agents, the first stages of getting a sale flow seamlessly. Whether you’ve had a great conversation with a potential customer or they seem interested in what you have to offer, it’s often the final stage where they can’t get over the hurdle to a complete sale. Talking numbers is a must for sales calls, and if your team is unable to get through that part of a call effectively, sales training could be a great option to boost their skills.

2. They Struggle To Speak To Different Types Of Customers

Not every customer is the same, and as such, it requires skill and experience to work effectively with customers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re finding that team members are having trouble working with customers from different walks of life and ages, sales training may be exactly what is needed. While basic training will cover scripts and general sales information, in-depth insight into how to work with a range of customers can be invaluable for those in sales.

3. They’re Using Ineffective Methods To Make Sales

From calls taking twice as long as they should to email communications drawn out over months, not being able to complete sales quickly can be a significant issue for anyone working in a sales capacity. If you have team members who take far more time to close the deal than others on their team, additional sales training can be an excellent way to get them up to speed and completing that sales loop quickly.

4. Your Sales Numbers Have Suddenly Fallen

Lower numbers are a sign that something needs to change – especially if you’re struggling to adapt to changing global situations, or even changes in the products you sell. In those cases, investing in sales training can be an excellent way to ensure your numbers start to rise again. By making sure you’re in-line with current sales tactics and strategies, you stand a much better chance of reaching those numbers again.

5. You’re Working With A Mixed-Experience And Mixed-Age Team

Whether you’re hiring new staff or you’ve inherited a team that has mixed levels of experience, age, and more, one of the most prominent warning signs is large disparities in the ability of your team. Decades in the industry doesn’t necessarily mean you’re up-to-date on how to make sales today, just as new team members don’t yet have the experience necessary if they’re learning on the job. Putting your whole team into sales training can level the playing field and ensure your team is working together towards and a common goal.

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, investing in sales training is the best thing you can do for your business. But even if you’re looking to improve an already above-average sales department, investment in the training and development of your team is always a good move. Don’t wait for the warning signs to appear – get in ahead of time, and you’re far more likely to experience long-term sales success.