Change in any situation is never easy. But in the workplace, it can be especially hard because many factors are out of your control and you’re usually expected to go with the flow. And when you’re just getting started in the insurance business, you may struggle at first to handle change in the workplace. So here are 5 ways to manage change in the workplace.

1. Stay Positive


No matter what happens, a positive outlook and a positive attitude will help you in the long run. This requires you to come to terms with the new situation you are being thrust into. You can do this by making a list of all the pros that could come out of this change. Focus on these positives and even devote yourself to working toward them. Also, think about what skills you possess that can help others get through this change.

2. Communication Is Key

When changes occur in the workplace, it’s important to be up to date on everything and understand exactly what is going on. Ask your superiors questions about the changes — ask them how it will affect your job role, your coworker’s role, and your department. This is a good opportunity to find out if you will be taking on any new assignments. If the change being implemented is a new boss, make sure your communication efforts reach them. Introduce yourself, tell them what you do, and see how you can help them. This can go a long way.

3. Learn New Skills/Assignments

Change is a good time to take on more responsibility — if that’s what you are interested in. Talk to your boss and see if you can help out with something new or learn a new skill. This is proactive and will likely result in you learning something that will help further your career. If you have your sights set on a certain position, try taking the time to learn that role. See if there is anyone who can mentor you or point you in the direction of a course.

4. Help Others Manage Change

You will soon come to learn that the best businesses and organizations succeed because employees operate as a team — rather than just a bunch of people working together. If you are doing a good job managing the change, look around the office and see who is having a tough time. Help your coworkers overcome this change by assisting them. Help them get situated. This is especially important if they are new employees. It’s never easy being the new guy at a job, so take them under your wing and ease them into the job. And when you need help down the road, they will be more inclined to reach out.

5. Understand That Change Is Constant

Over the course of someone’s lifetime, people change careers. They get fired and hired, promoted, and demoted. Understanding this will help you fully comprehend that change is constant in the business — and the sooner you learn to roll with the punches, the easier it will be to handle incoming change.

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