If your life insurance agency is planning on expansion, or you’re simply replacing a team member leaving for another job or retirement, mastering the hiring process with hiring skills is a must. While hiring is often overlooked as a part of management within insurance agencies, skilled hiring can make a world of difference when it comes to anything from picking the right candidate to onboarding, achieving those sales figures, and even creating harmony within your team.

If you want to master the hiring process, this guide is precisely what you need to get started. Here’s all you need to know to master the hiring process from the start:

Consider The Type Of Person You Want To Hire And Advertise Accordingly

While you likely know the job description of the role you’re hiring off by heart, the kind of person you’d like to hire is an entirely different thing. Perhaps you’re looking for a fresh new perspective from recent graduates, where it would make perfect sense to use social channels for advertising your job openings. Maybe you’re looking for seniority and experience, where phone communication and LinkedIn connections may be more valued. Know what type of person you want, and you’re far more likely to get off on the right foot in your hiring process.

Think Outside The Box When It Comes To New Team Members

It’s easy to pigeonhole candidates based solely on the contents of their resume. But when it comes to hiring team members that gel well, get along with your team and excel at their work, it’s worth looking beyond their qualifications. As we mentioned above, you likely have a specific type of person in mind – but it’s also well worth looking at their personality alongside their existing skills. Someone can have the spot-on qualifications needed, but not thrive in a fast-paced insurance sales environment.

hiring process

Create An Interview Process That Benefits You And Potential Job Candidates

We often think of the interview process as a way for potential employers to assess job candidates, but interviews should be a two-way street. If you want to end up with the best candidates, interviews should be about both of you getting to know one another. That way, you’re well-placed to decide if they fit in with your workplace – and they know whether you’d be a good place to work. Invite questions, encourage conversation, and don’t stick rigidly to your list of questions if it isn’t necessary.

Be Up-Front About The Realities Of The Role

There’s nothing worse than a wishy-washy interview that doesn’t describe what a person will be doing. Being upfront, honest, and consistent about a role is highly valued by candidates and helps you weed out interviewees that just don’t fit. To improve new hire retention, being clear about responsibilities and expectations, up-front can go a long way towards faster, easier integration. If your new hires know what to expect, adapting to those new situations is a far easier task.

If you want to master the hiring process, these steps are an excellent place to start. For more insight and advice from the experts, Foster Cannon Group has the experience and knowledge to help you get the hiring process right the first time. Get in touch today to find out more about our dedicated recruitment training.