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Back To The Basics – How To Ask The Right Questions

As a young insurance agent, your goal is probably to close more insurance deals. While closing more policies can help you make a substantial profit, without customer retention, you’re bound to lose money. And, with slim profit margins on most insurance policies,...

Ready To Manage? Ask These 6 Questions

As a young insurance agent, you probably envision your career growth in the future. This means a promotion, a salary increase, a bigger office, and a substantial title such as manager that commands respect. However, landing a leadership role isn’t solely about being...

Developing Your Team – How To Identify Their Needs

Building a team without your organization is an important aspect to your company's success as well as your own success. But once your team is built, the hard part isn't over. You will have to develop your team's needs to ensure they can work together under your...

The Art Of Pivoting

Does this pivoting scenario sound familiar? You’re talking to a potential customer that you’ve sized up about the perfect insurance plans for them, based on what you know about them and their history (or lack thereof) with your company. You make your best pitch – and...

Dos & Don’ts Of Conducting An Effective Job Interview

When I first had the task of interviewing potential recruits to join our team, I'd had very little experience of how such interviews should be conducted. As time passed, and my exposure to the interview process deepened, I learned a few of the pitfalls that can...

Crucial Sales Terms You Need To Know

Over the years, I've learned to really understand some crucial sales terms and what they actually mean. There is one major area where such words or phrases can often be taken at face value, when in reality, we need to dive down deeper into them to find the best...

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