No matter what industry you’re in, integrity in business is extremely important. However, as an insurance agent, it is a quality you must have to ensure a successful career. A successful business career, organization or company is built on trust and relationships — both of which are achieved through great integrity. Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how it can make or break a business deal, and how critical it is. Here are 4 reasons why integrity is important in business — especially for an insurance agent.

1. Establishing Trust

People are often skeptical of those in business, sales, insurance and other fields that require someone to sell to them. This is why integrity goes a long way when establishing trust with clients. Before you begin negotiating or selling insurance to someone, you’ll have to establish a relationship based on trust. This begins with being upfront and honest with your clients so they can be comfortable working with you. There’s no one-size-fits-all model for establishing trust but it’s usually best to start with honesty. Allow your client to ask questions and be open with them and provide them all the information and answers they need.


2. We Believe In Ourselves

While integrity is extremely important in business for client relationships and trust, it’s also an important aspect we must use in our own personal and professional development. Personal and professional integrity allows us to succeed because we trust that we are doing the right thing. With integrity, we don’t question our decisions or our work. Life and work become a lot easier and simpler when we’re doing the right thing because it allows us to be able to live with our choices. In the end, this will lead to professional success because it will enable you to work harder.

3. Becoming A Role Model And Leader In The Industry

Even though you’re still starting out as an insurance agent, you should have long-term goals set for the future. And if one of those goals is to be a role model or leader in the industry, then it is important to understand why integrity will help you accomplish that goal. It is the foundation of good, ethical leadership — something all companies, clients, co-workers, employees, and colleagues look for. By showing others you understand the importance of integrity in the workplace, you’re not only setting an example, but you are exhibiting to others that they can look up to and come to you for advice. We look up to people we can trust — and all industries need leaders, so allow people to look up to you because you possess integrity.

4. Employer And Employee Satisfaction

Getting ahead in this industry requires you to stand out in a crowded field of insurance agents. Employers look to hire and promote those who do a good job while not compromising their own principles. Maintaining integrity will help you rise through the ranks of your company into a leadership position. And when you reach this position, your employees will have a position perception of you because of your behavioral integrity. It will push them to work harder and strive toward success.

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