From online advertising to social media campaigns, it may seem like the world of life insurance has moved beyond the more traditional methods of customer conversion. But when it comes to recommendations, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While newspaper ads and billboards may not be the number one way to gain new customers anymore, recommendations are still one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal – and they shouldn’t be underestimated.

What makes recommendations such an excellent source of leads, and why are they the ideal option when it comes to bringing in new customers? Here’s how recommendations are the key to success in the life insurance industry – and the insurance industry as a whole:

Pre-Qualified Customers

The most significant power of recommendations for life insurance agents is the fact that the legwork has been done for you before you pick up the phone or respond to an email. While cold calling or speaking to customers who are unaware of your services requires you to explain why your service benefits them, what you do, and how you do it, customers arriving at your business via recommendations already have the foundation in place.

That means they already understand what you offer – and why you’re a good choice for them. While that doesn’t guarantee a sale, it does mean that the sales process is likely to be quicker, and often far smoother than with a customer that isn’t ‘pre-qualified.’ Recommendations smooth the way to a sale and ensure your customer knows what they’ll be getting before you even open your mouth. You can’t buy that quality of advertisement.

Positive Reputation

Recommendations and reviews have plenty of crossovers – but one of the things that connect them the most is the fact that they help to build a favorable opinion of your company. While a word-of-mouth recommendation from an existing customer is an excellent start for many potential customers, thousands of Americans turn to the internet to make their ultimate choice for anything from a new washing machine to their life insurance.

Online recommendations are a newer, and incredibly practical, public way to promote your business with no bias. Because the customer writes online reviews and recommendations, they’re a caliber of advertising you can’t achieve with any internal budget – and your potential customers will trust them far more. When it comes to building a positive reputation for your life insurance agency, the power of recommendation is exactly what you need.

The Snowball Effect

While your advertising may reach one customer and stay there, recommendations are a moving entity as opposed to a static service. One recommendation can easily reach multiple individuals. If they receive that same exceptional standard of service, their recommendation goes further. Positive feedback can spread like wildfire, and recommendations through word-of-mouth can do more for your company than a billboard in Times Square.

Provide that high standard of service, impress your customers, and get those recommendations rolling in – because if you want to go above and beyond in the life insurance world, those recommendations and reviews are solid gold. Contact Us Today!